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sources tell nbc news, he was not having symptoms. the findings prompted doctors at texas health presbyterian hospital to insert a stent. a stent is metal scaffolding, placed into an artery narrowed by cholesterol plaque. it restores blood flow and prevents a heart attack. nearly half a million stent procedures are done every year, and sometimes more than one stent can be placed at a time. twice as many men than women will get a stent. though with heart disease increasingly recognized in women, doctors expect that number may go up. after the procedure, there is a long-term risk of clotting, so patients are usually prescribed blood thinners. with no previous heart trouble, experts say that president bush's recovery should be straightforward. >> following stent procedure, no most patients go back to normal daily activity. most go back to work in two to three days and able to fully resume their lifestyle. >> reporter: the president is expected to go home tomorrow. this afternoon, his daughter jenna bush hager tweeted a favorite family photo. he's well and we're eager for him to retu
out the first half of texas a&m's season opener this saturday. the ncaa and the school saying there was no evidence the 20-year-old quarterback was paid to sign autographs but, quote, said this. ncaa rules are clear that student athletes may not accept money for items they sign, and based on information provided by man zeal, that did not happen in this case. nevertheless, the punishment caught the attention of late night comics. >> he's being punished for 30 whole minutes. well, if that doesn't send a message, nothing will. >> jay, jay, getting in on that. >> it's true, though. 30 minutes. >> so a little bit of heat, man zeal did. also heat to talk about. >> yes, and a lot of heat. it's continuing in areas that have been seeing a lot of heat. mostly through the midwest where it's going to remain up around 100 degrees today when you factor in the humidity. out west, though, things are mostly quiet. we still could really use some help from mother nature for the firefight out near yosemite but it does look like it's going to stay dry with dew points and humidity levels very low.
. in texas today, speaking to veterans, the vice president continued the drum beat to punish bashar al assad. >> there's no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> reporter: the white house is not waiting for a report from the u.n. chemical weapons team that finally got to the attack site monday. officials tell nbc news they have intelligence intercepts, tying the attack to the regime. plus physical evidence. >> we know that the regime maintains custody of the chemical weapons in syria, and uses the types of rockets that were used to deliver chemical weapons on august 21st. the opposition does not. >> reporter: british prime minister david cameron cut short his holiday to call a special session of parliament thursday. >> what we've seen in syria are appalling scenes of death and suffering because of the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime. i don't believe we can let that stand. >> reporter: russia's vladimir putin interrupted a meeting to take a call from the british prime minister. putin is still blocking u.n. action. but tod
as far as the rest of the west goes, yesterday was very warm in the desert. texas was hot. salt lake was hot. we just got hdone with one of or hottest. a little rain left over in northern portions of idaho. that's about it. a few sprinkles today in seattle. that's a lookbe cooler because of the clouds. weekend forecast coming up. >> coming up. get ready to get out there for some of you folks in the west. >>> coming up, a rare eruption in yellowstone to tell you about. plus, anthony weiner opening up just a bit about his alter ego. >>> welcome back to "early today." >>> according to secretary of state john kerry, the u.s. is hoping to end drone strikes in pakistan in the near future. in his remarks to a pakistani tv station thursday, kerry said, quote, it's going to be very, very soon, end quote. >>> anthony weiner cannot seem to escape his sexting alias carlos danger. in a televised interview, wiener said the name was simply a joke in his personal life but rival mayoral candidate reverend eric salgado called the name very insulting to the spanish community. >>> italy's supreme court
and nebraska. in the first lawsuit related, a texas woman claims she was sickened by psych low spora after eating at an olive garden in texas. both are owned by darden restaurants, the defendant in the suit. the spokesman had no comment on the lawsuit, but said the texas restaurants are served by a different supplier, adding iowa and nebraska health officials said this is not an ongoing outbreak and the product is no longer in the food supply in those states. darden is fully cooperating with the investigation. the last illness in iowa or nebraska was reported july 2nd. they reported cases of illness that cause severe diarrhea that lasts for weeks. what remains a mystery is why hundreds of people outside iowa and nebraska are still reporting the illness. health experts advise using caution when preparing fruits and vegetables. >> you look at the bag and it may say prewashed, but standards may vary across the industry. it is a good rule of thumb and habit to go ahead and wash them again. >> in a statement, taylor farms of mexico said they run a state-of-the-art facility and is cooperating wi
. the name of the team, kicked grass. that's what they said. >>> now espn saying texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel got paid $7,500 to sign 1500 items. the ncaa is investigating if johnny football violated rules. >>> yu darvish dominates in texas, a no-hitter through seven innings. but then houston's carlos corporan gets a home run. for the second time since april, houston spoiling a darvish perfect game. he still gets the win with 15 strikeouts. texas, 2-1, there. >>> oakland's last-minute trade for alberto colapso. the a's down one and then hits in two runs. they pull the fat out of the fire. oakland over toronto. >>> hey, you know, i'm a four-time mvp, two-time champion, gold medalist. why not president of the nba players association? miami's lebron james was considering that but decided no because he can't give 100%, he says. i heard james is now considering the job of king of the world. >>> take you to flight school now. clear the wood. old man on deck. jeans on. who is that? 50-year-old michael jordan with the dunk. what do you think? comeback? >>> i'm a big niners fan but would i do
in a little bit closer where this containment zone is. if you live near marigold drive and north texas street, this is where this has been happening, while they have controlled the fire, those embers are still potentially, could be lifted up into the atmosphere, maybe a half-mile, maybe a mile away with that wind coming out of the west, southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. so if you live on mayor gold drive, anywhere near north texas street and mare gold drive, possibly dickinson hill road or americana way, that's where you need to be very vigilant about your house and possibly some embers coming your way. i do not want to alarm people too much, but it is a potential. that's how these other houses caught on fire, again, by these embers flaying from home to home. so if you are anywhere off to the north of marigold drive, within a mile radius, that's where you should still advise some caution until this is entirely out. you can see some hotspots, and while we don't have the flames shooting 20 feet into the atmosphere, it is still a concern. so we are watching the weather. and any one in this ar
. >>> new dash cam video shows george zimmerman being pulled over for speeding in texas. he had a gun with him. it happened about 25 miles east of dallas. zimmerman told the officer he had a gun in his life compartment and that he was going, quote, nowhere in particular. the officer told zimmerman to slow down and released him with a warning. texas state law allows people to carry a gun in a vehicle as long as it is not in plain view. zimmerman's attorneys posted a tweet in response to the news saying they are working to protect his privacy. last month he was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >>> at least a half dozen members of congress head to the white house today to voice their concerns about the government's massive surveillance program. this after a new bombshell from the nsa. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell has all the details. >> reporter: it's a brief new look inside the secrets of the nsa. the director of national intelligence released several documents to show fisa court oversight of the spy program that sweeps up americans' phone record
on twitter using the #dreamday. >>> in texas tonight, the death penalty for nidal hasan. former army psychiatrist who went on a deadly rampage at fort hood nearly four years ago, an attack that's been called the deadliest act of terrorism on american soil since 9/11. mark potter has been covering the trial and reports tonight from texas. >> reporter: it took nearly four years after the fort hood shooting rampage in which 13 were killed, and 31 wounded for nidal hasan, the convicted gunman to be convicted and sentenced to die. the panel ordered he be dismissed of the army and stripped of his pay. the decisions were unanimous as the sentence was read, hasan looked at the jury and judge, but had no apparent reactions. those would come from the victims' families who spoke after the sentencing. joe lean cahill lost her husband michael cahill when he was shot trying to stop hasan's attack. >> today a weight has been lifted off of my shoulder. he has been held accountable for his actions, and the panel gave him justice. >> reporter: in arguing for the death sentence the prosecutor, colonel
maggio is driving a blue nissan versa with california license plates and he maze be headed to either texas or to canada. this morning, we have learned the statewide amber alert has extended again, as we mentioned, to the entire nation much t. the amber alert was issued after the mother and another child was found dead inside a home on boulevard, 60 mile its east of san diego. dimaggio owned that home, authorities say, and he lived there alone. they also say he had a close, platonic relationship with the woman but at this point, not elaborating. >>> chances are you first heard about this amber alert through your smartphone. scott mcgrew takens a closer look at how that works. >> reporter: marla, it was a surprise to many of us because this is the first time we have ever seen the wireless emergency alert, or wea, in california. so, you heard an odd tone from your phone and then you got a message, probably looked a bit like this one. here's some other example of emergency messages. let me say now if you are just glancing at the screen, these are alerts but just examples, you do not need to ta
is like joe don from? >> the dialogue was very flowery even though the guy was suppose texas. he dt started watching a bunch d utube interviews with tennessee williams. >> you did? shock people. people who are shocked by the truth are undeserving of the truth. the truth is something that one must deserve. so i started pyiund with that and -- >> that's what's fun about acting, though, right? >> oh, yeah. >> when you firsthisw script, did you know immediately this was something you were going to be interested in? >> i thought they had made a mistake. but it's happened to me before. i've gotten a script, and i read a role. i get really excited. they go oh, no, they want you to play the sheriff. i'm like, i'm not going to do that. but i was really excited because this is a chance for me to show audiences kind of where i came from. >> you mix it up so well in your career. you really do. that's what's so smart. the actor you love the most and haven't had a chance to work with yet? >> jack nicholson. >> come on, jack. jack watches us every morning. make a plea. >> come on, jack. the man w
businesses across the southwest. picture perfect modeling was the name of his texas venture. >> he had a modeling agency in austin, texas. >> yes. where he just conned female coeds from the university of texas to do modeling shoots with him. take $5,000 from them where he would just take the money and run and use it to meet women and move on. >> total scam? >> total scam. right. >> reporter: jason even posed for some modeling photos of himself in austin. but how did a man suspected of running con games become the violent criminal cops allege he is? >> for jason i think it came down to his greed, his desire for money, his desire to be that millionaire, the life of the party, and how that desire extends to the point where you can kill somebody, that's something i'll never understand. >> reporter: investigators might have been despairing of ever understanding jason brown, but they still had hopes of catching him. and the stakes were high. >> on the surface everything looks normal with this guy. but he is the portrait of a sociopath. and when he runs out of money again, then what happens?
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is back in the news after an encounter with police in texas. kerry sanders is in forney, texas, just east of dallas. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt, it was a routine matter. george zimmerman was pulled over for speeding, but especially noteworthy, even to police, is zimmerman in his car was carrying a gun. george zimmerman was driving west on u.s. highway 80 in forney, texas, near dallas when he was pulled over for speeding. >> it's going to be a florida suv. >> reporter: zimmerman, who was found not guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter in the shooting death of trayvon martin, was quick to tell the officer that he had a gun in the glove compartment. >> where are you headed this evening? >> nowhere in particular. >> nowhere in particular? why do you say that? >> you didn't see my name? >> huh? >> you didn't see my name? >> uh-uh. >> reporter: the officer then looks down at zimmerman's license again. >> what a coincidence. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: just days after a florida jury found him not guilty, zimmerman was
steroids when he played for the texas rangers, this after a series of strong public denials. >> have you ever used steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance-enhancing substance? >> no. >> reporter: the new york daily news reports that baseball's investigation has turned up e-mails, text messages and other information showing rodriguez recruited athletes for the clinic and tried buying incriminating evidence. while he's not commenting on his latest troubles, rodriguez tells "si" he still wants to be a role model. >> everything he's done he did to himself. every public relations decision he made, he made himself. he has put himself into this situation. everybody is closing in on him. i don't know if he can get out of this this time. >> reporter: the 38-year-old hit 647 home runs in 19 seasons, fifth all time. now facing possible banishment from the game that made him. now, as for timing, nbc sports reports that an announcement not just about a-rod, but other players snared in this investigation, could come down as soon as this friday, brian. >> ron mott with us in the studio.
in saturday's a's victory over the rangers. we will break down how one texas player found himself in very hot water after a controversial twitter rant. it's all next in sports. ♪ [ hero mom ] oh, yeah. we're gettin' cereal. 'cause over 40 general mills cereals are 130 calories or less per serving. just look for the g. boom! that's how nutrition is done, people. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® of the things you love. ♪ hello, bacon. get more with breakfast and a two-room suite for rates as low as $115 per night at an embassy suites. book now at >>> come back to nbc bay area. texas rangers pitcher matt garza caused something of a stir on twitter last night,ing anered it attempts to play small ball and bunt over runners against them, the former fresno state starter took his anger out on a player and his wife on twitter. this is what he had to same it might blow you away. >>> over to the action, rangers
of kidnapping them is 40-year-old james dimaggio. police believe he may be headed to texas or canada. he was last seen driving a blue nissan versa. no word on the relationship between the three. but we'll keep you posted on any updates. good evening, everyone. >> another top story tonight, someone must have seen this. that's the plea from police, after a nursing student at san jose state was shot inside of a car in a busy part of town. seemingly by mistake. tonight, police don't have a motive and don't have suspects. george kiriyama spoke to her family and has the latest from downtown san jose. >> reporter: police have no idea who shot and killed a san jose state student this past weekend in downtown. but they're confident you know knows who did it. we talked to the family off camera tonight. but her death is too hard to take. her google-plus page shows photos of her smiling. her family says she was having a good time saturday morning. she was out celebrating with her friend, spending his last night in san jose before heading back to san diego to go back to school. police say she and her
. miguel almaguer, prescott, arizona. >>> in texas today, the court-martial of the man charged in the massacre of 13 people at fort hood was put on hold until tomorrow. although army major nadal hasan is representing himself, there is a team of military lawyers to assist if he requests it. today one of those lawyers told the judge he believes hasan is trying to get the death penalty and he argued the legal team should not be required to take part in that. >>> overseas authorities in yemen say they have foiled a plot by al qaeda to seize key port cities, blow up pipe lines, and disrupt the oil trade. concern about stepped-up al qaeda activity in yemen is reportedly behind the u.s. decision to evacuate most of its embassy personnel there and increase drone strikes, including another one today that left seven dead. >>> in kenya today a massive fire tore through the nairobi airport, one of the largest aviation hubs in africa. it started small but with a shortage of equipment to fight it, the blaze soon roared out of control forcing the airport to close and dozens of flights to be c
. . >>> george zimmerman found himself in trouble with the law again this past weekend and now texas police have released dash camvideo. zimmerman was pulled over for speeding about 25 miles outside of dallas. he told the officer he had a gun in the glove box and he was going, quote, nowhere in particular. zimmerman was released with a warning after being instructed to slow down. earlier this month he was acquitted of killing trayvon martin in florida. >>> nearly half of all babies in the united states are now breast fed for at least six months. a study from boston's children's hospital shows babies who were breast fed showed better language skills by age 3. experts say breast milk contains antibodies that protects newborns from infections. >>> former apple store employees are suing the company claiming unpaid overtime. the lawsuit filed in the san francisco federal court alleges that store workers are being short changed when they are forced to wait in line to show they aren't trying to steal merchandise. the unpaid waiting period is 15 to 30 minutes. more than 42,000 of apple's employees work
texas a&m's johnny football profit from autographs and merchandise. >>> plus, dramac video of an italian bride killed by a hit and run driver in california. >>> closing arguments in the trial of alleged mob boss whitey bulger. >>> and the 2013 nfl season officially under way. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, august 5th. >>> very good morning to you. i'm richard lui. americans at home and around the world remain on high alert after credible terror threats from al qaeda. many u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has the latest. >> reporter: back from camp david, president obama is getting the latest on the high alert. >> there's been an all of lot of chatter out there. chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on. they're reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. >> reporter: according to two top u.s. officials, the terror plot could include one large attack or simultaneous attacks around the world, but the intelligence still isn't crystal clear. embassies and co
to get right back out there and continue campaigning. >>> a water park in texas found an inventive way to keep their patrons cool. what's all that? they've created an ice dump. and bill karins, i don't know. i kind of like the heat. that's awfully cool. we're talking about, what, triple -- >> they wanted the cold water. have you ever been in a pool and you want the cold water? >> when you have all those people around you -- it's a great idea. two tons. wonton was about 2,000 pounds of ice. >> 104 yesterday in san antonio. >> i take that back then. >> some breaking weather news out of missouri. got a report. >>> severe flash flooding. a rescue boat from the waynesville fire department. you see waynesville in the middle of your screen on i-44. the rescue boat tipped over. the firefighters are in the water. now they are attempting to rescue the firefighters who are in this flash flood. so six inches of rain estimated as fallen in southern missouri just over the last 12 hours. and the weather pattern has been yielding a lot of heavy rain through kansas and missouri about the last week. and
this morning, and it was described as successful. it was done at the texas health presbyterian center. the former president remains hospitalized today but expects to be released tomorrow. aides say he will resume his schedule on thursday. he thanks everyone for the good wishes and suggested that everyone get a checkup. so the former president is doing well. natalie? >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. thanks so much for the update. >>> finally, a martial arts demonstration gone horribly wrong. take a look. this happened over in the u.k. the taekwondo master giving a demonstration in front of students and parents. no matter how hard he tries, he just can't break that board, but it gets worse. at one point he calls for two people to hold the board. when he finally gets it to hits a young spectator in the head, making her cry. poor thing. that guy was just having a very bad day. it's 12 minutes after the hour. you're up to date, guys. >> all right. thank you very much, natalie. >> you got it. >> are you tweeting? >> no, i was trying to do something. well, there's some breaking news th
and high pressure to the south of texas. i was able to find a few showers, they are approaching from the southeast, moving to the northwest. clip to medford and raining to the north on i-5 as you go throughout your morning drive. still warm in the pacific northwest and back to sunshine in the deserts. that's your national forecast, coast, like santa rosa at 69. >>> and it looks like the forecast doesn't change either. those poor people in missouri tomorrow morning are going to be talking about the same thing again. we need a change of the weather pattern. >> you work on that. >> i wish i had that power. >>> straight ahead, the story of a sinking ship and the man who actually gets to face his dog first before rescuing his wife. >>> plus, the donald is about to get his hands on one of washington's most historic landmarks. we're back after this. >>> a house of horrors where three young women were held for upwards of a decade is set to be demolished today. it's part of a plea deal that spared ariel castro the death penalty. jay gray is live in cleveland with what's next. good morning, ja
and his corpus christi texas team win a spot in the little league world series. garza was pitch perfect and did not give up a single hit during the game. then hit a home run that give his team a 6-0 lead over new mexico. that kid is one to watch. >>> in st. louis, a gangnam-style dance-off that went intergalactic. during "star wars" night fans dressed as darth vader and storm troopers showing, yeah, the force is strong with those wielding a light sabre. >>> hear that? detroit bankrupt. that's what they were yelling. check out these fans at the detroit tigers and cleveland indians game. tied at the top of the ninth, let's go tigers cheers, they could not overcome the chants of detroit bankrupt. what a low blow. but detroit got the last laugh. oh, yeah, winning the game in the 14th inning, 6-5. good for them. >>> check this out -- most of us have athletes we admire, but usually from the sidelines. well, at a chelsea/real madrid game it was interrupted by a fan who ran on the field to hug and kiss cristiano ronaldo. the superstar was surprisingly calm and even hugged back before the fans t
. >>> the broncos versus the 49ers playing at quarterback, manning and kaepernick. former texas longhorn quarterback colt mccoy came in for the niners. he threw this beautiful long pass straight to denver's mike adams. interception. broncos win, 10-6. >>> finishing out the nfl game, the bengals made it look easy, beating the falcons, 34-10. >>> on to baseball, can someone hand the tigers a broom? detroit is on a 12-game hot streak. they swept the cleveland indians in just four games. next up for the tigers, a-rod and the yankees in new york tonight. >>> on to golf now, the 95th pga championship off to a great start for jim furyk. check out this long birdie putt on the 16th hole. will it get in there? yes, it will. he nails it. furyk shares the lead with adam scott. >>> miami heat star lebron james tweeted this selfie before going to court in ohio to serve jury duty. he wrote, time to serve my civic duty. good guy there. >>> they say timing is everything. look at that. celebrity surfer ramon navaro captured this video of a southern white whale and her calf swimming side by side. definitely don't see
had the second highest rate of boating accidents. florida the most. texas came in third. >> you don'tster to have a license to drive a boat. >> reporter: do you think there should be? >> yes. >> they know what happens when boaters don't pay attention. out celebrating their son's birthday near lake shasta when another boater plowed into a boat carrying several of their children including their 12-year-old daughter. >> they were sitting across from each other, and taylor got knocked out. and when she came up with damian, he was all bloody, and stuff, and she said that he wouldn't wake up. [ crying ] >> reporter: he later died at a local hospital from brain injuries. >> just going really fast and came around and just ran right over the top of the boat. our boat. >> he wasn't paying attention. >> yeah. he wasn't paying attention. >> reporter: the investigative unit found the leading causes of accidents are operators not paying attention and lack of experience. just a fraction fuueled by alco. california is one of only five states with a zero boat education requirement. >> the waters are
and texas came in third. >> you don't need a license to drive a boat. >> reporter: do you think there should be? >> yes. >> reporter: jason and maryann know what can happen when boaters aren't paying attention. they were celebrating their son's birthday near like shas at a when another boater plowed into a boat carrying their children. >> they were sitting across from each other and taylor got knocked out and when she came out with damian, efgs all bloody and stuff. she said that traf yan wouldn't wake up. >> reporter: trafian later died from boat injuries. >> ran right over the top of the boat, our boat. >> he wasn't paying attention? >> he wasn't paying attention. >> reporter: the investigative unit found it was not paying attention and lack of experience. just a fraction by alcohol use. yet california is one of five states with a zero boater education requirement. >> the waters in the central bay here are the most challenging in the world to sail. >> reporter: that's why san francisco sailing company owner says before he rents out a boat, customers must pass two courses. but it's been a b
to slip to second place in the al west. one game behind the texas rangers. well that's not going to stand in oaktown. top of the sixth, tied at 1-1, brandon months says i'm boss right now. sends that 400 plus feet. a's go up 3-1 in the game. tied again at 3 in the eighth inning. the a's doubles to left field, two more runs come in, a's take a 5-3 lead. go on to win 6-4 is your final. >> you know, just trying to get a good hit and, you know, was two outs and, you know, finally i get a hit. just trying to help the team and, you know, trying to do my job, and i'm going to be, you know, any time they need me i'm going to be there. >> over to the world series champions who are looking for respect, the place giants take on the orioles. bottom of the first 1-0 g-man hunter pence doubles off the wall to the right and up 2-0. they were not comfortable in that position. top of the 7 down 2-1 were the orioles they come swinging. j.j. hardy with good times homers to left two runs shot orioles up 3-2. go on to win 10-2. they scored seven runs in the last two innings. >> i pitched to robertson in the s
. florida had the most. texas was third. >> you don't have to have a license to drive a boat. >> reporter: do you think there should be? >> yes. >> reporter: jason and mary yano wh -- marianne know what can happen. >> they were sitting across from each other and taylor got knocked out. when she came up with damien he was all bloody and travion wouldn't wake up. >> reporter: she later died at local hospital from brain injuries. >> he was just going really fast and ran right over the top of the boat, our boat. >> he wasn't paying attention. >> yeah, he wasn't paying attention. >> reporter: the investigative unit found the leading cause of accidents are operators not paying attention and lack of experience. yet california is one of five states with a zero boater education requirement. >> the waters in the central bay here are the most challenging in the world to sail. >> reporter: that's why san francisco sailing company owner says before he rents out a boat, customers must pass two courses. in 1999, governor gray davis vetoed a bill requiring boater education to operate a boat, a similar bi
in texas, it is said. the nfl's houston texans unveiled that, the world east largest indoor video screen. 53 feet high, 277 feet long. put that in the man cave, right? the cost, though, $16 million smackers. 15,000 square feet is what it gets you, though, of screen. you have to stack here if you had all that square feet, 1400 60-inch tvs to get what you see there. >>> jason dufner on the top of the world after winning the pga championship. he took his trophy to the empire state building. dufner's wife instagramed this. so much for people saying he was not very emotional. >>> just ahead for you, the life and times of the legendary ron burgundy will soon be revealed to all. >>> welcome back on this wednesday morning. if you're heading out the door, looks like your drive will be clear of any troublesome weather. we are going to look for clear skies. if you're driving near the fires, drive through some smoke, but that would be about it. 97, salt lake city, 82 in seattle. tomorrow, i mentioned the storm goes to the north, tries to drag through the front, couple clouds, showers, not a lot of w
on nbc. >>> leading the news in politico, ted cruz discovers, rejects canadian citizenship. the texas center learned that being born in calgary gives him canadian citizenship. he'll renounce his canadian citizenship arguing that he was a u.s. citizen at birth. >>> in the "boston globe," caroline kennedy's fortune as high as $275 million. caroline kennedy, daughter of president john f. kennedy, has revealed financial information for the first time. it's for her nomination to be ambassador to japan. kennedy filed documents that show her personal fort nun the hundreds of millions of dollars. >>> topping our news, the editor of british newspaper "the guardian" said the paper had the hard drives destroyed after publishing revelations from edward snowden. it was in an apparent attempt to keep details safe from chinese spies. glen greenwald says he will, quote, write much more aggressively than before about government snooping. that's after his partner david miranda was held for nine hours at london's heathrow airport on sunday. he went on to say, quote, i think they'll regret what they've d
and other family members remain by his side in texas. >>> three hours from now army private bradley manning will learn his fate. the man behind the largest leak of classified documents in u.s. history could spend the rest of his life in prison. good morning to you and what can we expect at this morning's hearing? >> reporter: we know the hearing starts just three hours from now, 10:00 eastern time. we know bradley manning will find out how much of his life he'll spend in a military prison. what we're expecting is for the judge to come out and make a determination what she believes is the most fair. of course, the maximum is 90 years in prison is what he could get. he was convicted of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the secret sharing website, wikileaks. the intelligence analyst convicted in july, guilty of 20 criminal charges. now facing up to 90 years behind bars. he's already served three and a half of that. they are asking for a sentence of 60 years in jail, his attorney asking for leniency, 25 years. manning says he's sorry for his actions, also sorry, he says,
. >> it is a set of standards. 45 states have adopted common standards. students from texas would take an assessment and be taught a different way than students in california. and at the end of the day, you didn't know where students stood in comparing them to others. it gets us to a place where we can really look at where students are and how they're moving forward in being prepared for the 21st century. >> not everybody has doesn'ted that. am i going to notice a way my kid is being taught? >> in san jose unified you will. when i say the 21st century skills, like collaboration, much more problem solving, creative thinking. much more of a way instead of going wide, which the previous standards did, it's a much more focused approach, and we go deeper. >> so you're telling you're not going to teach for the test? >> absolutely. >> how much is this, how much rigorous, we saw the teachers there. how much harder is this it going to be for teacher does learn these new standards? it's got to be a little tough now to be thrown into this new way of teaching which changes the way they've been tol
aren't diagnosed until it's too late. researchers at university of texas leak lt at 4,000 post men pausal women looking for krechlt ampblt-125. a known tumor marker. of the seven women whose cancers were diagnosed as a result of the test, all cancers were detected at an early stage. >>> back in a moment with the cutest story of the day. [ male announcer ] at sizzler... it's back for a limited time! fire grilled steak and golden all-you-can-eat shrimp for an incredible $9.99! only at sizzler! >>> take a look. monterrey bay aquarium releases photos of the newest edition. this penguin chick born 11 days ago. the fourth ever to be born at the aquarium. he or she is currently on display in the splash zone but will be moved behind the scene when he leaves the nest. >>> i love the splash zone. i could spend the whole day there. >> time to go back to school now, so -- >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye! >>> on the broadcast tonight -- plan of attack? the u.s. now says it is undeniable that syria used chemical weapons on its own people. the secretary of state call
a joke. but it's a statement from a group of atheists. the texas tech student is the first person in the country allowed to wear in headgear in a legal i.d. photo. i thought it was a remake of cloudy with a side of meatballs. >> we'll end on that note. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the newsroom," emmy-nominated actor jeff daniels, from "the view," sherri shepherd, the music of quinn sullivan and "headlines." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hello, ladies. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." oh, it's nice to be back. thank you. thank you very much. well, folks -- some good news. some good news. that huge wildfire at yosemite national park is now
to publish a tell-all book. >>> turning to health news for you -- one church in texas is at a tricky crossroads after an outbreak of the meeseles. the eagle mountain international church is being linked to at least 21 cases of the disease. it's the same church where leaders have warned against vaccines. they site the debunked theory that they cause autism. they are now hosting vaccination clinics to try to stop it from spreading. the senior pastor is now encouraging everyone to get vaccinated unless you have got it covered by faith. >> announcer: "early today" health is brought to you by vagisil ph balance wash. >>> let's get our business news now with jackie deangeles. >> president obama will likely name former treasure secretary larry summers as the next fed chairman in a few weeks. summers would replace ben bernanke who is expected to step down before his term ends in january. >>> starbucks ceo howard schultz says they won't follow in other companies' footsteps, cutting benefits. the law requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide coverage to those who work 30 hours
from matthew mcconaughey's film. "texas buyers club." the sex symbol lost 47 pounds in three months for the role. very, very scrawny. >>> sentenced to 270 days in jail for assault and nations to michael buble and his wife who welcomed baby boy noah into the world. got to be a crooner. >> can you imagine the lullabies that baby is going to get sung. >> with the family. >> oh, for sure. >> i'm richard lui and we remember the 50th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech on the washington mall there at the martin luther king memorial. >>> leading the news, the "new york times" has a great story for james harris, a dream fulfilled. he was 16 years old when watched dr. king's speech on tv. harris went on to become the nfl's first full time starting quarterback. >>> and in the "wall street journal," jitters over syria hit markets again. stock markets are taking a major hit around the world in anticipation of potential action in siria. >>> topping our news today, speaking of action, senior u.s. officials tell nbc news a three-day u.s.-led military strike against syria could be launched a
winning four straight, texas is now just three and a half games back with three games against oakland, setting the stage for some very competitive baseball this weekend at the colise coliseum. >> we're trying to win every game possible. it's nice that the texas rangers come in and give us extra motivation. always nice to play another team in our division. they're chasing us, you know. so they're going to have to, you know, bring their a game and so are we. >> i wouldn't disagree with that. i mean, there's two months' baseball yet to be played. so i think any series, once you get into august and especially when you're playing your division rival in close proximity in the standings, it always takes on a little bit more importance. but you'll be saying that the next time we play them and probably every series leading up. but i think it makes for good fun you know that we have them here on a weekend right now. they're playing completely opposite they were playing a week ago. i mean they get three walk offs in a row and a good game out of darvish yesterday. so they're playing pretty good r
that he used except for the time with the texas rangers. >> that one time, yeah. >> but they apparently have so much. i mean, come on. they've got so much evidence. >> i still remember when he did the interview with katie on "60 minutes" and she asked him point-blank, have you been using performance enhancing drugs and he said no. and it was one of those straight-up. he looked right at her and said no. but when you look at him his head nodded yes. it was like "no." usually your non-verbal breaks through. i think if you realize what you lost as you sit there at this moment -- >> well, you count the cost. obviously he's not going to miss $34 million because he's a very, very wealthy man. but he has to wonder was it worth it. >> the guy who picks me up in the morning says if i ever had had any great opportunity like that, i would follow every rule. it was just very basic. like i would do everything just right. if someone gave me the privilege of doing what he is allowed to do, i would make sure i never broke a rule because he would feel that privileged and lucky to have that. >> you know h
and kidnapping a teenage girl. authorities in oregon and washington as well as texas and canada, have been warned that james dimaggio may be heading their way. meanwhile investigators say he may have switched vehicles leaving his blue nissan versa rigged with explosives. now the focus on hannah anderson. the bodies of her mother and 8-year-old boy likely identified as her brother were found at di m maj -- dimaggio's home. some believe dimaggio's infatuation with hannah, the 16-year-old may keep her alive. >> jim is sick enough in the head, he has so much love for her he won't hurt her. >> i have high hopes she is okay and out there some where. >> police say they have no confirmed sightings of the two. dimaggio is an avid outdoorsman. campers and hikers are urged to be on the lookout. >> firefighters gaining ground on a wildfire in riverside county. the silver fire has burned more than 11,000 acres since it started one day ago. 1,000 firefighters fighting the blaze. residents are using garden hoses to help in the fight. as many as 30 homes have been damaged or destroyed. four firefighters suffered
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? >> absolutely, we do. yeah. >> childhood friends? >> sean and i went to the university of texas together. >> in austin, which is party town. >> yes, of course it was. >> well, we partied 20 years ago. >> we used to chase girls together and then i moved away and i moved back. we reconnected because now we're chasing girls but it's because one of them won't put their pants on to go to school. >> those girls. >> is there a stigma? you guys were at the bus stop picking your kids up. you are stay-at-home dads. how do the moms treat you? >> i've done this for ten years, so i like to say that i've seen it in ten years go from creepy to cool. >> you were the only guy there, you were afraid to get out of the car because -- >> i would wait in my car until another dad came up so i wouldn't walk out on a park alone -- >> and look like a pedophile. >> creepy guys standing around. >> thanks. >> oh, it's you. >> kathie lee is my publicist now. >> the first time i saw rick i actually did call the cops, so that's -- it's a common mistake still. >> but is there a stigma, you guys? do you feel with stay-at
announcement from the california republican party. texas governor rick perry will highlight the convention. he is a frequent visitor here and has tried to convince california businesses to relocate to texas where taxes are significantly lower. the california republican convention is in october. >>> now to a followup, the high speed rail is a go. that's according to governor brown. he says the project will not be stopped by a judge's ruling friday which said that it failed to comply with is provisions in a voter approved initiative back in 2008. they are expected to resume construction in the central valley this year. the judge asked for more time and more information from both sides of the project before taking up the matter again. >>> hacked for his own good. that's what a palestinian researcher briefs that he did when he posted a message on mark zuckerberg's page. he says the site's security team did not take his warnings seriously. he discovered a security hole, the warnings were unclear amid the hundreds of daily reports it receives. and because he violated facebook's terms of service, he
. [ applause ] >> all right. our second lady is esther martinez. she is 66. and from new braumsfeld, texas. she's been thinking about changing her look. when we ambushed her on the plaza, she decided to take a chance. what a woman. let's hear. >> esther's flipping out. we're going to talk to her husband, ignacio. why do you want this for her? >> it's something different that i -- i would never imagine that would happen. >> right. and it did. all right. esther, can you try to put this into words or still speechless? >> speechless. no. it's a great adventure to be here and now to get picked, it's even greater to be here. >> all right. are you ready for a whole new wife? i should say a different looking wife? >> yes. >> he's a smart hubby. he waited on that one. >> okay. she's here with ignacio, her husband and sister-in-law, teresa. >> and a big bunch of people. >> three people that none of us have ever seen before. let's take one last look at esther before. and let's bring out the new esther. yes! ♪ i'm every woman [ cheers ] >> wow! >> i love that. >> love it. >> all right. everybody take off
, vice president joe biden at his son's side in texas this morning as doctors try ttermine what caused beau biden to become disoriented and weak. we'll have the latest. >>> and freeway scare. a car burst into flames on a los angeles road. inside, the legendary actor dick van dyke. >> it just startsed making a noise. i thought it had a flat first and then it started to smoke and then it burned to a crisp. >> now he has a used car for sale real cheap. "today," august 20th, 2013. >> good morning everyone. happy tuesday. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer along side al roker and natalie morales. dick van dyke keeping that trademark sense of humor. could have been a really scary situation. >> the imagines are so scary but if he is smiling about it and making jokes then it's okay for to us smile, too. so happy he's okay. >> we'll have more on that in a little while. >>> meantime new developments tied to the ongoing saga tied to yankee star alex rodriguez. his attorneys are preparing a lawsuit now against the team doctor. we'll have details on that in a moment. >>> but let's begin this t
back to school, one 11-year-old in texas won't be starting middle school with kids his age. he's starting his freshman year at texas christian university. he's the youngest to walk the campus. >> reporter: it is always impressive to see an 11-year-old play a piano like an accompli accomplished adult, even if his feet can't reach the pedal. as school gets under way, carson may find little time for piano practice. >> calculus one, physics one, history and religion. >> reporter: at 4'7" and 75 pounds, he's a freshman at texas christian university. his major? physics. >> it's the quantum physics, which is what's interesting to me about physics. >> reporter: carson is the youngest student at tcu. i want to be a doctorate, ph.d. >> reporter: it's not only extraordinary, it can be a problem on all those college forms. >> he was completely off the grid when it came to even the most basic of things like completing an application or financial aid form. the date of birth, the forms would not accept his application. >> he loves to learn. >> reporter: he was home schooled until 5. >> by age
, like let's say nelson cruz of the texas rangers, who leads them in rbis and is expected to be suspended tomorrow, as well, any player could appeal and remain on the field pending the outcome of the appeal if they're just suspended under the drug agreement. but if you're suspended under the best interests of baseball clause, you can still appeal but you're off the field and cannot play while that appeal is being adjudicated. and baseball apparently wants to make sure that a-rod doesn't play until this thing is completely settled. >> the cover of "sports illustrated" this week, as people have read it, the last days of a-rod. i wanted to talk about this not just as a lifelong baseball fan, but this is an american institution dealing with cynicism, dealing with a sense of loss in terms of trust of heroes for young people, and yet as i've talked to you about it this week, you've been struck by the culture among the players and how that has changed that has led to discussion of a lifetime ban by baseball, which is so significant. >> yeah. this is a positive -- in my view, this is a positive t
than texas. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> a lot. >> what grade are you heading into little lady? >> second. >> is the teacher ready for you. >> yes, sir. >> we'll see. we'll see. troublemaker. well, let's see about your forecast as we go throughout the day today. now this weather pattern has been stuck for awhile now. it's sizzling hot in texas but the temperatures are cool. i'm starting to wonder has the beach season ended in the great lakes. temperatures are still well below average up there. remember the heat wave from you a few weeks ago? at night we have been in the 50s. it's like a taste of fall in new england and the great lakes but texas and the deep south and southwest summer is in >>> 7:37. happy monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have low decks spanning all the way inland, school ocean air transported off the pacific today. it means beautiful conditions. more of the same. if you liked yesterday, you're going to like today. 76 in santa teresa, 75 degrees on the way to san jose. if you're missing the hot summer days, we are going to see the heat return, b
pleaded guilty and will be sentenced tomorrow. >>> police in texas pulled over george zimmerman for speeding over the weekend. tonight we're looking at the dash cam video of that traffic stop. you can see it here. zimmerman told the officer he had a gun in the glove box and he was going nowhere in particular. police gave him a warning and told him to slow down. this happened near dallas. earlier this month the former neighborhood watch volunteer was acquitted of killing an unarmed teenager, trayvon martin. >>> the hunt for affordable housing in san mateo county is becoming increasingly difficult. there the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is now more than $2,000 a month. that's a $600 jump over the last two years. housing advocates say people are being forced to looeft area ed or live in cars. i was promised one place, and the guy gave it to someone else. it's been really hard. i hate going through this. >> we are in a crisis in san mateo county. we have very little inventory of affordable housing. far more people seeking rental housing than we have space for, and a cri
. >> the a's taking on texas. a pretty good match-up. last area the oakland a's were in full place for exactly one day. this year it is the rangers playing catch-up. tonight, three and a half games back of the green and gold as they kick off a three-game tilt in oakland. where we go. the a's on the board first. bottom one. two on. two out. and brandon moss is going to double off the wall in left. jed lowry scores. moss's 50th and 51st rbis this season. the a's are up 2-0. top four, 4-2, rangers. goes deep to left. his fourth home run of the year. the rangers up 6-2. final score, rangers, 8, a's, 3. giants visiting the tampa bay rays. madison bumgarner. document nanlt on the mound. get evan longoria swinging in the fifth. in the sixth, james loney down swinging. jose swinging. bumgarner would finish with 11 k's. top seven, tied 1-1. a triple into the gap. pence scores. belt would finish the day. a double side of the cycle. the giants are winners 4-1. franers have sanld wide receivers to one-year contracts. the two impressed during a 48 tryout. both are california natives. hawkins is
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